Describing Eric Amaranth's Guided Sex-Sex Life Consulting and Coaching Sessions


Truly, you have a gift, and what a wonderful one it is.

If someone is struggling with anything, from the minute details of showing interest in another person to complicated sex techniques I would strongly recommend you (I’ve already suggested to a few people that they go to you!).


Thank for you all of your help, you are absolutely brilliant!!!

One of the things that Guided Sex sessions allow to happen is me to verify, to the best of my knowledge and experience, whether or not a woman is or isn't having genital-based orgasms based on what I observe in a given session, as I was taught to define genital orgasm by Betty Dodson. I can attest that many a time when Betty had private sessions, she'd teach me about clients who came in having convinced themselves they were inorgasmic when they actually were. They almost always were expecting an earthquaking explosion of pleasure and weren't paying attention to or not defining the bursts of pleasure in their genitals as orgasm(s). After I help verify the orgasm with her verbal feedback on the experience as well as my observations, we celebrate for a moment and then go on to learning ways to strengthen her orgasms so she can have the big O's and different types of orgasms.

I also work with couples, threesomes, and moresomes via Guided Sex to teach them sex positions and giving them the opportunity to try them in real time where I can be there to adjust what they're doing for faster learning. The body and mind learns sex skills faster when you can put them in the correct working form. Also, as is the case with more sexually advanced individuals and couples, receiving instruction and doing it there with observation is what they want because more advanced sexual skills can be more complex in their beauty and they feel like they've read all the sex selfhelp books. It's not consistently possible, to say the least, to learn complex, but incredible, sex skills by reading or hearing a description. Basics, yes. Advanced, not so much.

It's fun when often husbands and boyfriends, wives and girlfriends, and I reach a moment during the session where we feel like the team assembled for the receiving partner's best pleasure possible. It's fun because it's the first time in their lives when they had a second person there for input, plus the input from their partner, and the learning and results come rolling in. I also have

For those of you interested in your initial consultation and your questions answered on your sex life consulting, email me at ericamaranth(at)gmail-dot-com.

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