Describing Eric Amaranth's Guided Sex-Sex Life Consulting and Coaching Sessions


This is an edited version of this post, removing details of my clients' sessions, even though they are anonymous. I want future clients to have absolute assurance that all details on their sexual development interests are omitted from public view to minimize to 100% any chance of their working with me being compromised. If, however, a client submits writings to me in the form of testimonials, erotica, etc. stated clearly that they are for me to post, then I post them as they are written with some editing if need be. What follows is a description of the format of specifically a Guided Sex session. Talk-teach sessions are also available for those not ready or interested in Guided Sex.

IMy Guided Sex method of sex life consulting gives the client my first-hand feedback and guidance while the client is engaged in some form of solo or partnered sexual activity. I do not make sexual or sensual contact with the client. I remain clothed throughout and the client(s) may remove any clothing they want, but total nudity is not necessary. Not every client chooses my Guided Sex teaching option. Most choose talk-teach where no sexual activity happens and that works well too. I also have an option where I do talk-teach with the aid of sex toys as props so the client can observe my technique then practice and master it for themselves. I can do Guided Sex sessions in-person, via Skype Voiceover IP with or without video, or telephone. Video with audio obviously gives me much more information on the present moment with a client, but I've had successful audio-only sessions as well. People who feel ready for Guided Sex are excited to have that option available. I came up with what I call, "best friend sessions" where a woman and a girlfriend or a man and his buddy learn together if they aren't comfortable learning with Eric singularly. I charge the same for a couple as an individual. A lot of psychologists and couples councelors with whom I've discussed my work like that I have both talk-teach and Guided Sex options available, and different options within those options tailored to find precisely where each client fits for their comfort.


It's very like having a dance instructor, a tennis coach, or a guitar teacher, there to correct and direct you through your learning. My Guided Sex clients often learn more, faster, because they can apply it immediately. I've had some clients tell me it's easier on them to have me there on a screen, a voice in the room and not there in-person. Others have preferred me there or it seems weird. I offer all the options I can.

Below is a recent testimonial after only our first session together. This:

Wow, so our session. Was. Amazing. I was falling into a rut of unsatisfying solo orgasms. I could have one by using my hand, but that usually takes about 20 minutes on a good day. When I use the Hitachi Magic Wand I can get one out in a minute, and though those were the stronger O's I had, they were still leaving me wanting more. When I couldn’t get more out of self-loving I would give up after about an hour to an hour and a half, and still unsatisfied.

Eric Amaranth, you helped me get back to how to have those satisfying, powerfull orgasms. And what a wonderful time it was!!! You have a wonderful gift to be able to talk about the fine-tuning sides of sex and technique that brings out the best pleasure my body can make, and never during our session did I feel uncomfortable.

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