Breasts: Nurturing Bosom AND Hot Sex Organs, plus tips


Breasts: Nurturing Bosom AND Hot Sex Organs, plus tips

Returning now to the situation I mentioned at the start of this blog post, where the baby's instinctual suckling on the areola and nipple, not just the nipple, can trigger sensations that some women characterize as erotic, which makes them feel uncomfortable. Let those feelings just be. It's all part of the same system. Know also that breastfeeding, as I'm told, is very not-pleasurable at times too. Feels good or not, it will forever be a remarkable bond between mother and child. Embrace the dual roles of your breasts and enjoy them to the fullest.

A bonus tip for men and women who hunger for boobs: I have a new approach I teach men when met with hot breasts on skin tight or low-cut display. Your peripheral vision is quite capable of seeing what's in front of you. Staring down at them, or even glancing more than once, is not necessary. If the woman is a possible sex partner, hold the intention to connect with her with warmth, respect, and attraction all rolled into one and have the will strong enough to not let the eyes go down five degrees in front of her. Save all your firey desire for indulgence in her boobs for when you're in bed together, if that happens at all. What I've found is you charge all your boob-lust up and then let it out all at once. If you have good breast stimulation skills too, this combinaton of skill and ravishing is very hot for a lot of women. Always back up ravishing with mastered skills or yes, you may be ravishing her, but it may not be as mutually fun for the both of you. However, you can also ask her if squeezing her breasts hard in your big open hands like palming basketballs, because you're burning up with desire for them, is hot for her too. Sexual skills are extremely important -and- there are times where they aren't so much so.

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