5 Tips For Better Sleep and Sex


5 Tips For Better Sleep and Sex
Eric Amaranth, sex life coach, also advises on wellness impacting your sex life. This one on sleep.

5.) Plan some affection and light sex time with your partner(s) after kids are in bed and 30 mins before you typically get the yawns. Share some apricot kernel oiled massage with a happy ending for each other. 15 mins each or so depending on times to reach orgasm needs. Doesnt have to be a full body massage. Just choose from the the big parts: the back, the stomach, chest/breasts, neck, shoulders, bum, thighs, or even more focused, just the back or front torso before genital loving. Have them wear the aforementioned sleep mask to darken their eyes and enliven their touch senses. An orgasm helps people calm down, breathe, and get drowsy, esp for most men as we all have heard the rumor of. This is also a great opportunity for a small serving of sex and affectionate touch and attention that we too often don't set enough priority for, but when we do we're glad we did. Then shower up and snuggle down into bed.

Sleep is much more important than we give it credit for. We take it for granted until it's not there anymore. Or worse, think we can live without it. For a while, yes. But your immune system does most of its work, so I researched, while you sleep. I'll bet that's why more often you'll feel better after waking up the next morning while getting over the flu or whatever. For those of you dealing with herpes and HPV, you want to keep your immune system in as strong a shape you can to keep outbreaks, in the case of herpes, to a minimum, and give your body all the advantages it can get toward wiping out an HPV infection.


More sleep means more energy and things work better througout the body. Orgasms are easier and bigger, erectile function, and especially sex drive and desire. For many of us, drive and desire are affected tremendously by sleep. So, get those old fashioned or battery candles out, try some ZenBev if you need it, and sleep better.


For those new to my blog, I write on my and others' sex life, in erotica form, because many of us need only read of an example of what really is possible. It so often lights a desire to "Want to do that. Feel that." A want to learn how to have better sex through sex advice and sex education, maybe for the first time in their lives. I also intend to present to my readers the reality of great sex from basic to advanced. Finally, ever wonder how good the sex that your sex therapist or sex educator is having in their sex life really is? I have. I'm not a sex therapist, I don't do sex therapy. I'm a sex life coach. I teach and I do.

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