Are You Sexually Frustrated?


Are You Sexually Frustrated?
3 simple steps to ending your sexual frustration once and for all!

Have some chocolate or ice cream there at the bedside together while he indulges you with wonderful new things while laying there. Eat that chocolate/ice cream and love his touch. It will be much easier to receive because your mind is well-practiced with enjoying sweet treats. In most cases, you will more quickly learn how to savor and focus on sensual and sexual enjoyment-- the candy of the sense of touch. Another great idea is to have quality dark chocolate before sex. It has chemistry effects on your brain that put you in a cuddly, receptive mood.

These aren't cure-all tips. There are always situations were they don't apply to every woman. That's what the collaboration between me and the client in sex life coaching addresses. It is a customized process, not one-way only. Let me know in the comments section how it works for you!

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