5 dating strategies that DON'T (usually) work


5 dating strategies that DON'T (usually) work
There are no shortcuts for meeting Mr. Right... To be lucky in love, you have to get out there!

(Does it?) Somewhere along the line, someone thought that a person’s willingness to open their wallet for cancer, poverty or a religious institution translates to opening their mind to meeting “the one.” In my experience, I always wind up hanging out with the one or two friends I go to a charity event with, watching the single men and women drink too much and make asses of themselves.

So what does work when it comes to meeting Mr. Right? You need a few essentials... First, find a bar where you feel comfortable. Second, sit back, relax and make friends with the bartender. Third, be open to conversation and seeing where the night takes you. It might not happen on your first time out, but it's bound to get you somewhere...

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