5 Mistakes Engaged Couples Make with Divorced Parents


5 Mistakes Engaged Couples Make with Divorced Parents
Divorced parents can act well, or can destroy your wedding. Learn how to take back your wedding!

Your wedding vendors have seen it all and have very, very creative ways to work around interpersonal craziness at weddings. Don’t hesitate to let them know what’s going on, and get their advice. You may also empower them by letting them know and being able to help you have a great wedding. If, for example, your DJ knows that dad is super jealous of mom’s new boyfriend, perhaps you rearrange the dancing so there is not a time where all parents are dancing, with guests all watching (so dad doesn’t feel extra humiliated with people watching his exwife and new guy.) Even if the caterer knows, and sees your parents start to go at it at the dessert table, he or she may be able to distract one of them so they don’t get into a big tussle. But nobody can help you if you don’t tell them.

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