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Taking the Long Road


One women's tale of how training to walk 60 miles for Breast Cancer research changed her.

I have never had Breast Cancer. I found a lump in late spring and fortunately it was NOT Cancer so I was lucky. But I will tell you that for the 3 weeks between when I first felt the lump during a self breast exam, until the moment that the Doctor at AAMC’s Breast Center told me that it was NOT Cancer, I thought that I was living in a vacuum. No light. No dark. Nothingness, until I knew.  And although I left there with a positive outcome, I will never look at life the same.  Many are not as lucky as I was that day. Many leave there needing to make plans for treatment, for surgery, for “Family Meetings”.  My Sister-In-Law, Bridget is a Survivor. My friends, Shannon and Jill are Survivors. Not all survive though. My Great Aunt Betty and my Aunt Franka lost their fight. I didn't even know that I had a family history of Breast Cancer until I starting training and asked the question. These and many others are why I walk. Of course I walk for my breast too…. I won’t lie. I’m kinda attached to them. 



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