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Women Using the Butterfly Effect to Create Change

Last week, hundreds of women therapists, and a fair share of male therapists, converged upon Charlotte, North Carolina's Conventiontion Center. This swarm of couples, family and sex therapists is here in Charlotte for a much lower-key event than the excitement that took place in the same town, where the ...

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Why Couples Should Consider A Volunteer Vacation

As a couples therapist, I hear about the challenges of finding quality time together and the importance of vacations. Many couples are balancing two demanding careers, kids, chores and family responsibility. It is no ...

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How 'Hope Springs' Gets Couples Therapy Right

When it comes to couples therapy, Hope Springs achieves an incredibly thoughtful and realistic portrayal of this process. While television series such as In Treatment and Read More

Can Any Joy Come From Loss?

There is a photograph of lemons in my office. I wrote a book in which one of the chapters is titled "Making Lemons into Lemonade." I am all about exploring loss, working through loss, feeling the pain, coming out on the other side, and figuring out how loss makes you grow. I encourage my clients to ...

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The Hell On Earth Only Your Closest Friends Can Inflict

Sex and the Psychological City: What the Girlfriends Taught us About Baby Showers. Welcome back to Sex and the Psychological City! If you have read earlier posts, you are familiar with my confession that I was a ...

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Elisabeth LaMotte

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Sex Therapist

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Articles by Elisabeth LaMotte

Women Using the Butterfly Effect to Create Change

Change Happens Slowly, and Small Gestures Make a Difference

Why Couples Should Consider A Volunteer Vacation [EXPERT]

Why Couples Should Consider A Volunteer Vacation

Lying on a beach together isn't the only way to recharge your batteries.

How 'Hope Springs' Gets Couples Therapy Right

Therapy is hard work, and you sometimes feel worse before you feel better


Can Any Joy Come From Loss?

As a therapist, I hear a lot about loss...

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Overcoming Your Parents Divorce: 5 Steps to a Happy Relationship
Experts predict that children of divorce are ...
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