How 'Hope Springs' Gets Couples Therapy Right


How 'Hope Springs' Gets Couples Therapy Right
Therapy is hard work, and you sometimes feel worse before you feel better

These cliches may seem hokey and hilarious, but they are clinically sound and relevant to how hard it can be to save a marriage. Personally, I tend to view the process of making a significant change a bit like learning how to drive a car: at first there is so much to think about -- gas, breaks, speed, rear-view-mirror, directions -- and driving can feel stressful, awkward and uncomfortable. Over time, it is not as if we stop thinking about all of the necessary skills we must use while driving, instead, we become experienced and comfortable with what we are doing. We learn to think about driving without noticing that we are thinking about it, and so it feels much more natural.

I have always been a big believer in biblio-therapy and cinema therapy. Sometimes reading a book or watching a film can help a client make personal insights that can speed up the therapeutic process. This film is so real and genuine and funny and heartbreaking and inspiring, and it surely has the potential to help save marriages. I am thrilled that I can add Hope Springs to my reservoir of recommendations.

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