Are You Trapped In A Narcissistic Relationship?


Are You Trapped In A Narcissistic Relationship?
If you can go from being adored to devalued in the blink of an eye just because you had the audacity

Still not convinced your friend, business partner or whoever, falls into this category of the human race? Examine, if you will, some of the following traits. Does he exaggerate accomplishments, talents and skills? Is he obsessed with fantasies of unlimited success or fame and dream of being in the limelight? Does he endeavour to make contact with people who are in the public eye and try to associate with their brilliance, posturing to be of the same ilk? Does he spend endless hours on the Internet and in terms of social media – does he work at building long lists of “friends” with whom he has no substantial contact? Are his “friends” people who live in distant countries and locations whom he can hoodwink with his “wit and superior intelligence”, but who will never show up at his dinner table, or be there to help in an hour need? Does he associate with objects rather than people? Is he devoid of empathy and incapable of identifying with the feelings, needs and choices of others? Does he behave arrogantly and rage when contradicted or confronted by people who threaten his superior, invincible persona? If the answer is yes to most of these questions, you might want to take deep breath …you are undoubtedly caught in a narcissistic relationship.

Narcissistic rage is a scary phenomena, because it is different from “stress.” Narcissistic rage is the result of what is interpreted as a slight, criticism or disagreement - which in Psychiatric terms is known as “narcissistic injury.” This uncontrolled reaction is devastating and completely disproportionate to the offence – where the punishment simply does not fit the “crime.” Raging narcissists believe that their wrath has been intentionally provoked. But when their victims finally see through the ruse of the ridiculous attack, they clue in to the perpetrator as being incoherent, unjust and fickle and begin to make plans to release themselves from the relationship. In the bizarre world of a narcissist, he not only uses and abuses people, but even language breaks down into a medium without a message. Words are used out of context or verbose dramatic statements are employed to elevate him above the stupidity of those who just don’t get his brilliance - but it only causes confusion. It is often impossible to really understand a narcissist as the convoluted syntax disappears into an abyss of incomprehensible tortured language that sounds important, but is utterly meaningless.

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