Who Are These Women???


Who Are These Women???
The bad behavior of Reality Show "stars"...

I am so glad I don't have a daughter.  Why?  Well… I know that I would be mostly responsible for raising her, teaching her values, and being her favorite role model but I wouldn't be able to control it all…not 100%.  Just like I did when I was young, one day she would look around and start checking out other women, finding other people to admire, to look up to, to model herself after.  And that's when I would get scared. I would want to ban television from her life so my child wouldn't grow up to be a fool.

Where is this concern coming from?  From my issues with Reality TV.   I don't even watch a lot of it, but I don't have to.  Clips from the most outrageous segments are shown on the news, talk shows, newsmagazines, program promos, and recaps like The Soup.  They're kinda hard to miss.

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I used to think that the chicks on Jersey Shore were pretty bad.  Not so much anymore.  One could argue that they're young and allowed to be foolish…even reckless because that's what your youth is for, right?

What I would be worried about for my imaginary daughter is her exposure to the grown women on shows like the Basketball Wives and Real Housewives franchises. How would I explain to her why their low-class, disgustingly outrageous behavior is being celebrated?  For being loud, rude, mean, nasty, and violent these women are rewarded with a tv show, paid appearances, celebrity and more. I don't understand why they're not embarrassed. Most of them have kids of their own. Why aren't they ashamed? Ashamed of themselves, ashamed for their kids? Is celebrity that important?

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I'm talking specifically about the insulting language, screaming matches and, worse, physical fights.   Really?  Where do they find these women?  I mean, think about it; think of all the adult women you know personally and know of. Do you know any who behave that way?  Any who have been in a physical altercation with another woman? No, right?

So if I explain away the behavior of Snooki and her crew because they're young, what do I say about these grown women?  They embody all the behaviors I would have identified to my non-existent child as being completely unacceptable in any circumstance…yet these low-life acts are tacitly praised.  These women are mostly attractive and well-dressed so they look presentable enough on the surface, though in reality (pun intended) they are anything but.

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