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We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
Albert Einstein

About Me

Years ago, a spiritual teacher told our Breema® massage therapy class that the fastest way to achieving enlightenment was to get married! 

I’m Elaine Correia, a Astro-numerologist for Relationships who specializes in bringing you information about what really works for you in relationship with your partner. My custom psychic readings help you integrate your Soul traits into your daily life.

  • Are your partner’s behaviors and attitudes getting under your skin?
  • Do you crave ways to understand what’s going on and how to fix it?
  • Do you seek a new start but don’t know why it hasn’t happened yet?

No matter how tough it can be to figure out and change what’s wrong, you likely won’t make sense of it until you can see the whole picture. And that requires whole new insights.

Through psychic readings and intuitive coaching, you can shine the light on the best solutions for you.

Knowledge is Power

When you work with me, you’ll gain power from sessions that delve into the deepest layers for answers hidden deep within your core.

You’ll receive information from your Soul-self (your inner being) about yourself, your partner, and why you’re together. That allows you to face your challenges and come up with the best ways to resolve them.

Because knowledge is power, these insights then allow you to make choices to create a stronger, more rewarding relationship than ever! 

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Relationship Psychic


The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

After being married for almost 30 years, I chose to start a new committed relationship but remain unmarried. During the past 11 years with my partner, I have rewritten all of my more traditional beliefs about what a relationship should be like.

I can say that “seeing the light” and experiencing the resulting transformation was filled with emotional chaos and unhappiness. My partner pushed my self-worth, fear, and abandonment buttons. But eventually, I figured out how to make use of this situation.

Because we both wanted this relationship, I researched ways to create a good relationship through reading, talking to counselors, experimenting, and reviewing ongoing results. I also studied quantum physics, the Law of Attraction, Deepak Chopra’s teachings, The Secret, and What the Bleep Do We Know. After I gathered insight into how and why people do certain things, I experimented. Some things worked; others backfired miserably.

The turning point? When I stopped expecting my sweetheart to change and to take care of me. When I started looking within for answers, approval, and appreciation. That’s when things changed. (It’s funny that when one partner starts taking care of her needs, the pressure to perform is removed from the other partner, and things get better.)

As I shifted focus to myself, I found I didn’t know who I was, what my strengths were, and why I acted the way I did. Being an energy chameleon, I could adapt my energy to whomever I was with. That caused me to become confused about who I was and what I did best.

The process of becoming certified as a Soul Realignment™ and Astro-numerology practitioner brought much clarity to my inner needs and behaviors. I also came to understand the karmic connection between my partner and me. Then, as I stepped more into my own sense of self, I was treated with more love and respect. Finally, I had a voice that was taken seriously.

When I looked up the Owner’s Manual or Soul DNA Codes for my sweetheart, I finally understood why we argued about issues like “time alone vs. together” and long-term commitment. I identified with his need for freedom; I have the same need. Once I understood that, he opened up so we could talk openly. He’d reveal what he was thinking and feeling; he’d listen to what I had to say. And tension left our relationship. Our time together became relaxed and comfortable and the bond between us strengthened.

With this understanding, I started truly appreciating him. And he blossomed. I have come to trust his wisdom, even if it is different from my own. He lovingly calls me his better half, but truth be told, each of us has strengths that complement the other.

Then I began to understand one of my biggest gifts—seeing patterns of life and of people and noticing how each person fits into the Divine Pattern. I see how things and people go together. I feel optimistic about how they can complement and support each other, even if they are different.

I know the heart, the essence, of how a relationship works. It’s nothing but the ebb and flow of diverse and complex weaves of energy between people and situations (usually created by people!)

Today, I am grateful for my intimate relationship and for my partner allowing me to get to know and evolve. I know share that knowledge with others.

What I Learned:

  • I am responsible for my life experience, including my relationship.
  • My sweetheart won’t rescue me. I have to do that myself.
  • When I get upset, it’s usually an unconscious fear surfacing.
  • To understand the messages in what other people (including my beloved or my pets) reflect back to me.
  • I can allow my partner the freedom to be himself. As a result, our relationship thrives and we have become closer and more connected than ever.
  • I’m happier when I honor and take care of my needs, including time alone to nurture myself. 
  • Knowledge is power. If I understand the roots of a situation, I can come up with a solution.
  • I am grateful for my partner for allowing me to get to know myself.

May you find peace and happiness in your life. And may your relationship thrive.


Relationship Psychic

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The Secret Life Of Elaine

Success Stories

Timely Answers

“As usual, Elaine’s timing is excellent. I wasn’t going to give my sister her reading tonight because she had had an upsetting evening, but then thought about Divine Timing and how some readings arrive in a very timely fashion. Sure enough, I took it over and she was still upset and wanted to talk. To make a long story short, I realized that the real issue had to do with her relationship to God. Elaine addressed that very thing as part of one of my sister’s past life experiences. So I made her read it. Things are better, now.

Several times now that has happened. Elaine’s reading arrived on the very day that a crisis was happening. Every time it shed light on some kind of life lesson.”

Mary Ellen

Newport, Oregon  2013

Cosmic Answers

“Elaine did my Soul Realignment in 2009. I keep returning to the reading because as time moves on, more pieces of it fall into place. One month ago, I had an experience that really upset me. After a couple of days, a phrase came into my head that I recognized from my soul reading. It helped me see what had triggered the feelings I was experiencing and what I needed to change in myself. It worked. I can’t stress enough how helpful it is to have cosmic hints when it comes to our emotional work!

The reading work that Elaine did for me was helpful enough that I also had readings done for my daughter, brother, sister, husband and son.  Even though he (my husband) doesn’t understand it, I did and I am the one that can help support him.

I can tell you that Elaine is good at what she does. The information she passed on to me over the last 15 years has literally changed my life. She is extremely well read and well connected spiritually. You are indeed lucky to have found her.”

Mary Ellen,

Newport, Oregon 2013

Understanding The 'Hot Buttons"

“They (the readings) really help me to understand where some of my “hot button” issues arise from. Ands its never as real an issue as my mind wants to make it. So it settles me down and I view everything with a better sense of humor.”


Waldport, Oregon  2013

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