Should You Have A Joint Banking Account?


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Does how you share your money affect how you share your life?

As long as the right intent is there, I think you also operate in full unity with multiple accounts. I don't think it provides as accommodating of environment for unity and open communication, but I fully believe many couples lead happy, healthy and successful financial lives together under this arrangement. Plus, we feel it is just easier to manage when everything goes into one account and out of the same account. For us, it's the simpler solution to maintain a single checking account. I realize that some couples find the simplicity of their money management to actually be enhanced by using multiple accounts. And, while that's not our deal, I can certainly understand and respect that. In fact, we have several different savings accounts for this same reason.

In my opinion, the real question to ask here is not how many accounts you have or what you call them. The key is to operate your finances in a unified way with open communication at all times. You can do that with one account or twenty. However, if you do operate with multiple accounts, they should all be "joint" accounts that you both can access, and there should be absolutely no secrets about how money is being earned or spent. And remember that your motivation should be one of unity. That will keep you in the black and out of the red in more ways than one.

So, I just have to know: Do you and your spouse use a single joint checking account or do you choose to keep separate accounts? Why?

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