5 Super Easy Ideas to Spice Up the Romance


5 Super Easy Ideas to Spice Up the Romance

4. Automotive Treasure

Put together a little treasure hunt that takes place entirely within your signficant other’s car. Hide 3 or 4 clues, such as “It holds your change and the next clue”, to lead them around the interior of the car and trunk. Start the hunt with a little text message or by leaving the first clue out in the open. Make the treasure something small such as a few green M&M’s with a “Save for later” note, or bigger like a coupon for a massage.


5. Promise of Things to Come

Drop off or mail a gift to your partner’s work that hints at an exciting evening without providing any details. This could be a ripe strawberry with whipped cream, lingerie, a small vial of massage oil, or even a blindfold. Include a note that reads “See you tonight” and let them spend the afternoon wondering. They will probably try to call you. Tell them nothing.



See, romance doesn't have to be difficult or time-consuming!

A special thanks to David Hail of HotDateIdeas.com for sharing these great ideas!

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