America's Hidden Epidemic: Roommate Marriages


America's Hidden Epidemic: Roommate Marriages
Passion and emotional closeness has gradually morphed into silent routines and polite indifference.

Loving as soul mates rather than living together as roommates requires this alternative way of being. Your best Self rather than your ego must guide your actions. Your best Self is wise, fearless and kind. It sees clearly with an intelligence not measured by I.Q. tests. It’s your true Self, the authentic you that is not defined by status or success or how you look or the role you play. Your best Self is capable of unselfish love, it’s the soul mate in you.
Get acquainted with your best Self. Sit quietly alone for five minutes a day. Keep your eyes open, take in your surroundings but do not think about what you see. Instead sense the silence that surrounds and envelops all you see, hear and feel. Listen to the silence, savor the depth and expansiveness of it. This timeless silence is the non-material dimension of life; tune into it, become more familiar with it and it will help you switch out of being in survival mode.
These six pointers have proven helpful to many couples wanting to go from roommates to soul mates. They are a beginning step in to a new understanding of both yourself and your relationship.

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