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Cyberbullying & How Parents Can Help

Teenagers live a lot of their life online. Texting is the preferred mode of conversation, exceeding talking on the phone for today's teens. While parents may feel frustrated by the amount of time their kids spend on computers and texting on mobile devices, it can help to remember that they were probably ...

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When "I Love You" Isn't Enough

THREE CONCEPTS OF LOVE We usually think of love in three different ways in the context of our intimate relationships: words, feelings and actions.  The differences in the manifestations of these three concepts cause a lot of confusion and often misery in our lives. How often have you heard a friend ...

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So Who's Paranoid? Maybe You!

"Oh, he's so paranoid" is an expression we hear tossed around casually. It is mistakenly used to describe fearfulness as in, "she's paranoid about driving by herself." Paranoia is also incorrectly used to describe worry that is excessive such as "he's paranoid he'll lose ...

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Does Infidelity Mean The End of Your Relationship?

Many relationships “survive” infidelity. Current research estimates that about 30% of relationships touched by infidelity do not dissolve. Relationships are always fluid and surviving does not mean the relationship stays the same. A new relationship emerges when a couple decides to remain together. ...

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Mentally Ill & Married? How To Treat Your Diagnosis With Therapy

Up-to-date recent research estimates that one in four Americans have a diagnosable mental illness. These illness include depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, addictions and post traumatic stress disorder; it also means many of us are married to or living with someone who suffers from a mental ...

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Articles by Dr Robin Goldstein
Texting Your Way To Love

Cyberbullying & How Parents Can Help

Bullying is finally getting the recognition it deserves as a serious problem that needs attention.

Happy Couple

When "I Love You" Isn't Enough

Love is not words, it's behavior. It's about how our partner treats us.

Trouble In Paradise

So Who's Paranoid? Maybe You!

Paranoia is a greatly misunderstood and common condition. Does your loved one have it?

Problems In The Bedroom

Does Infidelity Mean The End of Your Relationship?

Is infidelity an absolute dealbreaker? Couples today aren't so sure. Is it wrong to try to stay?

Depression: Should You See An Individual Or Couples Counselor?

Mentally Ill & Married? How To Treat Your Diagnosis With Therapy

You can be an integral tool in your partner's recovery.

Dr Robin Goldstein

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