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Why I Became a Helping Professional

by Dr. Lynda Klau All my life, it appeared that I was “on the right track,” so that by the time I was in my twenties I had achieved all of the trappings of conventional success: I was married, I had earned my PhD, was financially comfortable and traveled often. But always, deep within, I felt a ...

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Loving Your Body

Are you, one of the 9 out of 10 women in our country today, who is in a war with your body? Do you believe the only way you’ll have the body you want, the body men will be attracted to, is by controlling your body: rigidly exercising, putting yourself on massively depriving diets, and repeatedly telling ...

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Don’t Hold Back: a poem by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

brought to you by Dr. Lynda Klau     A relationship is one of the mysteries of life. and because it exists between two persons, it depends on both. Whenever two persons meet, a new world is created.. Just by their meeting, a new Read More

Mindfulness: The Art of Cultivating Resilience

Undeniably, sooner or later, we all have to deal with life’s realities—those hard surprises and “unknowns” that can literally change everything in less than a nanosecond. Imagine you’ve just been fired. Many of us would react to this situation in at least some of the following ...

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Are We Killing Ourselves In The Name Of Love?

Dr. Lynda Klau   Dear Woman, Are you more “burned out” than you realize, running on empty most of the time? Are you too drained to be truly present with the closest people in your life? When people ask you how you’re doing, do you say “Great!” even ...

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Articles by Dr. Lynda Klau

Why I Became a Helping Professional

Many people have asked me why I became a helping professional. I share my answer with you now

Fortune Cookie

Loving Your Body

End the age old war between your body, heart and mind and claim your power, beauty and freedom now!

Love In Flowers

Don’t Hold Back: a poem by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

A How-To have relationships that are food for the soul. Savor it! Or tell me it’s not your food.

Spring Landscape

Mindfulness: The Art of Cultivating Resilience

In the spirit of Female Empowerment let's build the 3 R's: Reflection, Resilience, and Relationships

Woman In Flowers

Are We Killing Ourselves In The Name Of Love?

Call to Women: we need to choose Self-Care as our first priority in order to fulfill our potential.

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