Don't Believe Everything You Think!


Don't Believe Everything You Think!
Most of us spend our lives stuck in a box, victimized by our emotions. But we always have a choice!

Don’t Believe Everything You Think

From in the box, we respond with a knee-jerk reaction. Something happens and we react. We often don’t think of the repercussions, or of alternative responses. Somehow, anything goes. Often those we care most about are the victims of our strongest response. We get hurt, so we feel justified in lashing out. We find it acceptable to act this way. This sense of justification is not limited to friends and family. We also care little for the feelings of strangers whom we feel have mistreated us. From in the box, out heart gets very small, because we are focused on our hurt, our self-doubt, or our anger.


In fact anger is such a powerful feeling that we think we cannot control or change. The same is true for feelings of powerless. But we will see in the next two articles that nothing could be further from the truth!

Recognize that any and all limiting beliefs are a sign that you are in the box.
In the BoxThinking
insecurities about yourself                     feelings of shame
fear of being alone                                 fear of being unlovable
negative beliefs about yourself              doubts about your abilities
feeling overwhelmed or stuck                feeling resentful toward others
worries about money                             negative beliefs about your body

What’s your favorite way to keep yourself suck in the box?

When we experience these beliefs, we feel trapped in an image of ourselves as unworthy and unable to do anything about our situation. But in truth, we are simply looking at ourselves, as well as others, through a dark lens that colors everything we see, think, and feel. There is truly no way out of this difficulty, until we realize what we are doing. Once we do, we can correct our mistaken perceptions, and respond more appropriately to any situation.

You will soon discover a clear distinction between how you respond to your in the box thoughts and feelings, and how you respond to the very same thoughts and feelings from out of the box. Quite simply, from in the box, emotional reactions aren’t questioned, you merely respond to them. From out of the box, you see how mistaken and irrelevant they are to the life you want to live, and the relationships you want to have.

Insecurities, doubts, anger, and fear, all restrict the life that you truly want. When you understand this, and choose to do something about it, your unquestioned allegiance to this voice in your head begins to waver. A possibility arises for a new beacon to guide your responses to life. Your faith is placed in what truly honors you, and that makes all the difference in the world!



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