Dr. Romance Happiness Tip: Your Inner Mentor Can Create New Meani


Dr. Romance Happiness Tip: Your Inner Mentor Can Create New Meani
Searching for the meaning of one’s life is a discovery process: a creative event.

Do people tell you their life stories (whether or not you ask)?

Write down any other recurring thoughts, patterns, or circumstances.



Now Find Your Life Purpose

Using the above listed talents, qualities, desires, and circumstance rewrite the following sentence: I ___________(your name) am designed to be a __________(insert personal quality) who can ____________(insert talent) and I find myself _______________(fill in recurring patterns or circumstances) often, because I am supposed to _________________(desire).

Once you’ve developed this statement, then confirm it with the following visualization.

Is It the Right Life Purpose? Find Out Using Your “Inner Mentor”

In this visualization, designed to help you achieve a helpful perspective on your own future, you create an advisor for your life decisions. ask a friend to read the following to you, or record it and play it back. The exercise should be read very slowly and quietly. I’ve used both feminine and masculine pronouns – use your own gender.

Relax, breathe slowly and comfortably, get comfortable in your chair, and picture a mentor of seventy or more. This mentor is just the kind of elder you admire, the one you would like to become. She is financially secure, in good health, surrounded by people who care about her, good friends and family... She or he has lots of interests to keep him busy, and she stays active... Introduce yourself to this mentor... as he gives you his name, you notice it’s the same as yours... this is you, later in life... Make an agreement with this ideal older self that you will get advice from her about what decisions you need to make, as life goes on, to live to her healthy and happy state of being . Continue your conversation with him as long as you wish, and ask him what his secret is for living to such a robust and wise old age. Check out the statement you developed with this mentor. For example, how does this inner counselor react to your life purpose? At this age, will you look back on it and think it was worth it? Does your wise self approve? Does he think your choice will last? What is the difference between what you regard as important and what she regards as important?


This visualisation will help you utilize the wisdom you've stored in your lifetime. All the experiences of your life, especially the difficult ones, have taught you valuable skills -- using what you’ve learned in life to help others can create meaning out of pain. Every trial that you face has something to teach you and can become a source of wisdom. Your inner wise mentor knows this well. Your “inner mentor" is a very effective tool to help you look at your own life and your decisions from a different and valuable perspective. The decisions you make today affect the rest of your life, and you are ultimately the only person to whom you are accountable and for whom you are responsible. Every new decision is truly a new life’s resolution.

(from: The REAL 13th Step: Discovering Confidence, Self-Reliance and Independence Beyond the Twelve Step Programs)

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