What Is Normal Sexual Curiosity In Kids?


What Is Normal Sexual Curiosity In Kids?
Here is a chart that will tell you when and how kids are sexually curious ... and how to prepare!
  • Between 5% to 10% of adolescent males and 6% of females report sexual experiences with someone of the same gender, usually another adolescent.
  • Developmental tasks include:
  • Resolving conflict of identity and role confusion.
  • Establishing gender identity of manhood or womanhood, or conflict about gender roles.
  • Developing a sense of stable self.
  • Managing physical and emotional intimacy in relationships
  • Girls need additional guidance on the development of purpose/power/voice
  • Boys need additional guidance on the development of their emotional intelligence and relational skills
  • More physiological changes – growth in genitals and breasts, facial and pubic hair.
  • Increased desire to relate to romantic partner sexually.
  • Research on the hook-up culture suggests it can lead to disillusionment in romantic partnership and lasting love
  • There is no way to predict how a particular teenager will act sexually. Most adolescents explore relationships with one another, fall in and out of love, and participate in sexual intercourse before the age of 20.
  • Adolescents report less sexual communication growing up than parents thought they did.
  • Adolescents who have parents that are open to talk and listen about sexual issues describe being closer to their parents overall.

20 something

  • Young adults typically experience the greatest number of different partners in their 20s.
  • During this period the risk for contracting STDs is highest, and the need to practice safe sex paramount.
  • There is increased desire for intimacy however the current cultural pace of life leaves limited time for relationship complexity.
  • Young adults are tending to marry later in urban areas – 28 males; 26 females
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