How To (Re)Ignite the Romance


How To (Re)Ignite the Romance
Has the romance in your relationship fallen by the wayside? Here's how to get it back!

Of course, at some point (and this is the beauty of imitation) you’ll start to understand more about the art and science of romance and you’ll begin innovating new ideas and techniques on your own.

Then, believe it or not, your friends who are lacking in the romance department will start imitating you!


Honest imitation works! However, you can not just imitate what others do in the romance department. You have to be innovative in your own right. You’ve heard me say it before….spontaneity, creativity, unpredictability are the fuels to spark the romantic fires!

Your goal is to innovate in your relationship! Be spontaneous, creative and unpredictable!

It’s all about the romance, baby!

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