The Magical Apple Genie


The Magical Apple Genie
Mind-blowing customer service from an Apple Genie. This Apple Genie granted me four wishes!

Don’t you love it when you receive mind-blowing customer service? This isn’t a topic I usually write about, but when the geniuses at the Apple retail store blew my mind, I decided to share.

Apple creates fanatically loyal customers as well as or better than any other large company in the world, and I’m one of their biggest fans. We can all learn from what Apple does right. The other day, I arrived a few minutes early for my appointment at the Apple store’s Genius Bar. After taking up residence on a stool, I began absorbing the store’s ambiance. It’s the only store I’ve been in whose energy lifts my spirits — the antithesis of my typical store response. I have the super-deluxe, highly dominant, antishopping gene, so I usually get a bad case of fried brain as soon as I walk into a store.


Keith, the ponytailed genius who looked more like a skateboarding dude than a computer geek, was helping an older couple at the other end of the bar. He looked at me, winked to acknowledge he knew I was waiting and mouthed the words “I’ll be right with you.” I paused to absorb the activity in the store. Everyone was fully engaged, either talking with a member of the Apple team or playing with a piece of technology. There was a palpable feeling of excitement and joy throughout the store, which was filled with a combination of elementary-school-aged children, teenagers, adults and elders. Where else can you find that?

Keith made his way down the bar while looking at his iPad and said, “You’re TC.”

I smiled and said, “Yes, I am. Hey, Keith.” Now here’s the beginning of my mind-blowing customer service experience.

I was in a few weeks earlier to have my computer problem diagnosed. Hunter and Keith were the geniuses who helped me that day, and Keith recognized me, saying, “You’re in because you need to replace your motherboard, right?”

“Yes,” I responded.

He then said, “Did we inform you that we generally need three to five days of turnaround time?”

I replied, “Yes, and if there’s any way to shorten that, I’d be eternally grateful. I’m finishing writing my ‘Fearless Leaders™’ book manuscript!”

Keith then did what I call “the Magical Apple Genie moment.” He said, “Can you wait just a moment?” He accessed a store computer as he continued helping the elderly couple at the other end of the Genius Bar. After answering their questions, he returned to his computer and then said to me: “TC, I’m requesting that your computer be done in two days and hopefully one. I know you’re working on your book manuscript.” That was the beginning of being wowed. I use the words “magical” and “genie” because my experience with geniuses Keith and Hunter was like a genie granting me wishes. I make a wish and poof! My Apple genius makes it come true. My first wish had been granted.

This article was originally published at Dr. TC North . Reprinted with permission.
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