Make Your New Year's Resolutions A Reality

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Use resilience to follow through with your 2012 resolutions!

2. Develop a mindset of curiosity and openness.                                                                                                                                                       Ask yourself what did you miss? What considerations might be important to factor into future plans and goals? With an open, curious mind, we can explore how to make improvements in the future. Keep a list of each of your main goals, with notes about setbacks and what these are teaching you. Challenge yourself to identify one or two ways to approach the goal differently in the future. This will not only make you a better problem-solver but will also help you develop resilience. How To Use Resilience To Face Challenges

3. Appreciate that setbacks may even bring unexpected surprises.                                                                                                                       Helen might decide to talk to her husband about chores and discover he welcomes a heart-to heart with her; he’s been frustrated with her silent treatments and is relieved to know what’s bothering her. Or maybe Helen will talk to her HR department at work about having healthier options in the break room.


Perhaps she’ll realize that she just had a slip with her son and his reward stickers and can talk to him tomorrow to explain the plan and get back on track. There are lots of options. The beauty is that each day offers new opportunities to approach things just a bit differently, adding a process for efficiency, cultivating kindness and patience, or just having “one of those days.”

In fact, you might even consider making your New Year’s “Resolution” to become more resilient, to better able to find solutions and maintain your overall determination in all that you do. Resolve not to let small setbacks – or even large ones – throw you off your game. Once you resolve to find a healthy determination and mindset to tackle problems one by one, you’ll be mentally and spiritually re-charged. Go ahead, set realistic goals, but also set one extra one – the goal of sticking with your plan when the going gets tough.

Susan Orenstein, PhD is a licensed psychologist and the director or Orenstein Solutions, a group private practice in Cary, NC. She is working with professional organizer, Geralin Thomas, on their new tele-seminar series of “Clearing The Clutter (Emotional and Physical): Making Space for What Matters, coming in 2012.

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