3 Rules For Staying Married Happily Ever After


A marriage counselor shares the secrets for a long and happy marriage.

III. Be more like the family dog.

No one is happier to see us walk through the door than our dogs. They greet us, look us in the eye, and show us how happy they are to see us without saying a word! They accomplish this with wagging of their tail and a wet, sloppy kiss. When your spouse comes in — try to do the same. 10 Ways To Make Your Marriage Last 10 Years


  • Stop what you are doing for a moment to welcome him or her home. Look him in the eye. Tell him you are happy to see him. It's a small effort that will make a big difference over the years.
  • Wagging your tail takes some specialized training (check out a Zumba class near you), but husbands wouldn't mind being greeted with a sloppy kiss and a happy dance. Are You Dancing On The Beach Of Life?
  • Showing that you are focused on your spouse, even if it is just for one moment during the day, can foster intimacy and trust in a relationship. 

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