4 Skills You Need Before Getting Married


4 Skills You Need Before Getting Married [EXPERT]
Before you got a driver's license, you learned to drive. Before marriage, learn these 4 skills.

3. Conflict resolution. All couples have differences. Successful couples know how to start with a "his-way" and a "her-way" and end up with an "our-way" that they both feel good about. That's true whether the issue is a simple one, like what movie to to see on Saturday night, or big issues like where to live, how to handle money, and how to keep your sex life passionate.

4. Positivity. Every time you share a smile, laugh at your partner's jokes, agree with a comment your partner said, express appreciation, thank your partner for something, or express affection, you are offering "dollops" of positivity. The more dollops you give, the happier you both will be.


The moral of the story? Be prepared. Remember that a wedding is for one day. Marriage, hopefully, is forever. So, take advantage of the secret to living 'happily ever after.' Whether it's before you've exchanged rings, or even many years after, ensure your success as a couple. Put at least as much skill-learning time into your marriage as you put into the wedding planning! 5 Steps To A Happier Relationship

Susan Heitler, Ph.D., author of The Power of Two book and workbook, invites you to check out PowerOfTwoMarriage.com. Click here for a free relationship quiz plus three days of free relationship help.

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