Infidelity: 9 Must-Knows to Prevent Cheating In Your Relationship


Infidelity: 9 Must-Knows to Prevent Cheating In Your Relationship
Talking with your loved one about these risk factors can bolster your infidelity immunities.

Be savvy, not naive.  Stay clear of situations with any of the above risk factors.  Exit early from situations that trigger initial sexual feelings.  If you must continue to interact with a high risk individual or in a high risk situation, protect yourself.  Limit the time you spend with the at-risk other, and maybe bring a friend or colleague along to keep the dialogue less personal.  Meet  in public places.  Stay clear of talk about personal issues and save the alcohol for enjoying with a same-sex set of friends or at home with your spouse.  And discuss your concerns with the one you love to bolster your resistence. 

Be especially savvy about situations in which privacy conditions plus a tempting partner coincide, remembering that privacy circumstances significantly increase the odds of an affair of convenience.  For instance, a man or woman alone on a business trip has a drink at a hotel bar thinking it might be nice to relax there a bit before heading up to bed; an attractive stranger comes over and initiates a conversation….  Similarly, working closely with someone at the office on a difficult project with a deadline just ahead means that the two of you need to stay there alone after your colleagues all have left…..


Keep your relationship close and comfortable.  Get professional help if too much distance or distress has been growing between you, or if the need for better tools for how to communicate is eroding the foundations of your love.  Keep the sun shining with lots of shared affection, fun, humor and loving.

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, talk to your loved one about any situation that arises that feels potentially threatening to your ability to stay monogomous.  Listen appreciatively if your loved one shares concerns about a potential affair with you.  Honesty really is generally the best policy.  Working as a team to keep your love safe benefits you both.

In sum...

Be savvy about infidelity, not sorry.  Talk together, be smart about preventing or exiting early from high risk situations, and enjoy a long-lasting and long-loving partnership with your one-and-only.

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