6 Signs You Might Cheat On Your Significant Other


6 Signs You Might Cheat On Your Significant Other [EXPERT]
Is your relationship in the danger zone? Find out now!

4. Enjoying and then craving flirtatious talking and more contact. If you find yourself tempted to become increasingly flirtatious, emotional infidelity is already taking place. If you are fishing for affection and appreciation, beware because you are likely to be the fish that gets hooked. Sexual feelings with a new partner become like an addiction that you are likely to keep wanting more and more.  Thinking often about the new romantic other and feeling excited when you do is similarly a dangerous sign. 8 Signs Of Emotional Infidelity & How To Stop

5. Meetings in private places, talking about personal topics. Are tempted to meet for lunch or dinner? Are you ready to claim that you are at work when you are setting up playtime? If so, you're almost guaranteed to fall eventually, so leave now, or don't say I didn't warn you!


Titillating interactions may seem fun and harmless, but they are not so. Sliding down the slippery slope from monogamy down and off an infidelity cliff ends up being both self-destructive and extremely damaging to loved ones. Infidelity 101: What Is An Emotional Affair?

6. Add liquor to the mix. Woops! This is likely to be the last big mistake before you've fallen from an emotional affair into a full physical connection.

Better to stay far from the cliff's edge!  Make your marriage the best it can become, and avoid a mistake that could destroy it.

Susan Heitler, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist in Denver and author of the online relationship skills program PowerOfTwo.

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