5 Ways To Treat Depression Without Meds


5 Ways To Treat Depression Without Meds [EXPERT]
Medication comes with all kinds of unwanted side effects. These treatments have none.

4. Emotion Code drepession treatment can help. Bradley Nelson invented this new strategy for tracking down the experiences earlier in your life that created the template for a current excessive emotional reaction. The treatment then neutralizes the negative emotional impacts of that incident or relationship.

Like the other methods above, Emotion Code depression treatment is likely to be brief and you should feel significantly better within one session, though follow up sessions may be necessary to consolidate the gains. To stay happier you also may need conventional therapy to change the cognitive and couple habits that could bring you down again. 12 Ways To Transform Your Love Life


5. Skill-Building with marriage ed or couples therapy. As I mentioned above, depression arises from dominant-submissive (winner-loser) interactions, especially with loved ones or with a boss or a difficult colleague. If you settle disagreements by giving up, you will end up feeling depressed. My preferred option for upgrading your collaborative dialogue and conflict resolution skills is, not surprisingly, the online relationship skills program based on my book, The Power Of Two.

As the two of you, or even just you alone, become empowered to settle your differences in win-win ways instead of resorting to anger, fighting, giving up, or withdrawing, that dark depressive cloud is highly likely to dissipate.

Let the sun shine in!

Susan Heitler, Ph.D, is a clinical psychologist whose latest project is the online skill-building website PowerOfTwoMarriage.

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