7 Sexy Ways To Celebrate Long-Term Love


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Are you in a long-term relationship?
All it takes is a little imagination to keep your romance alive.

4. Position 11. This is a mutual massage activity designed to give pleasure to both partners at once in exactly the same way. It involves sharing a mutual foot massage — very pleasurable and sensual and possibly even sexual for some people. Partners lie down on their backs with their heads in opposite directions, so that each can cradle the partner's foot in their hands with the foot resting on their belly or chest.

Once you are both comfortable in this position, relax and enjoy receiving the care your partner is giving you, while at the same time massaging one of your partner's feet. Do only one foot at a time, and always be sure to give both feet equal treatment. It is best to use two hands on one foot in order to provide maximum tender loving care.

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5. "I appreciate you for …" Sharing appreciations is good for the giver as well as the receiver. It expands our capacity for experiencing pleasure. We all like to hear nice things from the one we love. If we've been together a while, we can easily forget to do this.

For several days in a row, agree that you will set aside a few minutes each day to take turns completing the sentence, "I appreciate you for … " Be specific, telling your partner something he or she did, said, wore, smelled like or looked like. Being specific brings a sense of aliveness and immediacy to what you're saying. Appreciating one another like this can renew your sense of emotional safety, as well as sparking a sense of gratitude for what you two have together.

6. The day we met. Take turns sharing your individual memories of the first time you were aware of feeling attracted to your partner — like your first date or the night you met. Focus on the things that you found most attractive, endearing or sexy. You might even hear something you've never heard before. Then talk about any ideas you have for bringing more of this sense of discovery and romance into your current lives.

7. King/queen for a day. Sometimes couples get into a rut where one or both partners feel as if they are constantly compromising or accommodating to the other. This activity offers a playful way to deal with your differing wants and bring novelty back into the relationship. On a pre-arranged day, one of you is designated king or queen. It then becomes that person's role to plan a day together totally centered around the gratification of that person's desires.

The king/queen is encouraged to be bold, even selfish. The king/queen’s partner is encouraged to be as generous and accommodating as you can. The ground rules assume that your partner is committed to pleasing and gratifying all of your wishes (within reason). At some later time, the other partner will be designated king or queen.

After each person's turn as king/queen, talk about how easy or difficult it was to shamelessly ask for what you want. And if you can't schedule a whole day, a few hours will work just fine.

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Besides adding novelty and spice to your relationship, sharing any of these fun activities is a great way to strengthen the love bond between you.

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