Parent's Introduce Yourself to Complete Child Development 1.1


Parent's Introduce Yourself to Complete Child Development 1.1
Parents "Empower" yourself and your children with this new amazing program! Build Self Confidence!

Program 1.1, Proctor says, “We are introducing children to the phenomenal powers that they have locked within them; and when you start at an early age it keeps growing and growing.” Proctor continues, “Complete Child Development will change the lives of millions of people, and they will go on to change the lives of others.”
Inspired by the teachings of the blockbuster movie and best-selling book entitled The Secret, Complete Child Development - CCD Program 1.1 teaches that breaking through a child's fears and doubts about themselves and what they can accomplish are the keys to creating high self esteem and leading them to become successful teenagers and adults. CCD Program 1.1 provides parents and their children with the tools to be successful in life.

Complete Child Development gives parents and children tools for building strong emotional development. It is the only program on the market that focuses on empowering child’s emotional development. Every year as parents, we buy our children the latest clothes, games and toys. This year, make it a promise to yourself that you will start helping your children to invest in themselves and their future. The best gift that you can give your children is the gift of “confidence.” It will carry them very far!


As a parent, there is no greater joy on earth than to watch your children break through fears and doubts about themselves and what they can accomplish. To watch them succeed and see their faces when they are truly proud of their accomplishments is a great joy all parents should experience.

Please review the benefits of Complete Child Development Program 1.1 at today and take your first “empowering” step toward building your children’s confidence and self esteem!

I would not put my name behind it if I didn’t believe in it!

Dr. Sue Cornbluth

National Spokesperson for Complete Child Development

connect with me at

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