Parent's Introduce Yourself to Complete Child Development 1.1


Parent's Introduce Yourself to Complete Child Development 1.1
Parents "Empower" yourself and your children with this new amazing program! Build Self Confidence!

If you look at the child development programs on the market, you will find that they focus on “fixing” children’s behavior. I personally do not like the term “fix” because that insinuates that something is wrong with our children. I much prefer to use the terms “inspire” or “empower” our children to be successful!

What if there was a way for you to do just that? What if there was an interactive program that would give you the “tools” to empower your children to


(1) set goals for themselves

(2) build self confidence

(3) help them to master their environment?

Would you invest in it knowing that it will empower your children to excel socially, emotionally and academically?

Well I am excited to tell you that the program that I have just described does exist! It is called “Complete Child Development – CCD Program 1.1” and I am proud to put my name behind this amazing program as the National Spokesperson.


For years, I have been approached by companies to endorse their programs and I have always declined. The reason is because I wanted to endorse a program that was going to “empower” all parents and children to become successful. I wanted to give parents a program that would help them to build healthy attachments to their children, while helping their children to build the confidence within themselves to cope with bullying, peer pressure and making friends. As a parenting expert and a mom, emotional development is the key to our children’s future success!

When the founders of Complete Child Development contacted me and asked me to review the program, I was beyond thrilled. I tried it with my 7 year old son and the results were amazing. The program was fun and educational. He began setting goals for himself on a regular basis. His self confidence increased as well.

Reviewing the program with my son was the first step towards my appreciation for the value in Complete Child Development 1.1. The testimony of the children and parents who had already experienced Complete Child Development - CCD Program 1.1 however confirmed my beliefs.

A 10 year old child named Lauren reported, “I learned that I should believe in myself and that I should never give up. I learned that I should always be serious about it. I learned that this stuff always works if you believe it.”

Jane, a parent of two young boys, ages 9 and 11 stated, “This program changed the way I parent. I learned how to build my children’s confidence up and it also helped me feel confident in my parenting ability. I wish this program was released years ago.”

I am a true believer in the law of attraction. I believe that what we put into our children’s development we get back, mostly in seeing them be successful. That is why I was so pleased when Bob Proctor, one of the most sought-after speakers in the world for professional coaching and company seminars, and a teacher in the wildly popular film, The Secret, endorsed Complete Child Development – CCD Program 1.1. Of CCD

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