On being deeply nourished


On being deeply nourished
Third in a series for YourTango on "Slow Sex" author Nicole Daedone

If we all learned to achieve such a state of pure pleasure, though, how would civilization carry on?

Well, it wouldn’t – not in the way we’ve been doing it. We’d be on a different path. Let’s face it, the path humanity’s been on is not going to work forever.


When you began in this practice, weren't you worried that if you succeeded you'd just lie around all day doing nothing else?

I did worry about that at first. Once you become able to receive and respond to that degree of pure pleasure, at first you’re in a state of “filling up.” For awhile, yes, you don’t want to do anything constructive.

But it’s a fallacy to think that if you go down the path of pleasure, you’ll just become selfish and useless. I spent many years filling up – getting stroked – getting deeply nourished. But then at some point the meter on the gas tank says “full.”

And then?

Then you go out and build a life based on what genuinely feels good. You agree to be used in service to the world.


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