Top 7 Tips for Better Orgasms


Top 7 Tips for Better Orgasms
These tips are sure to get you both goin'.

Sex therapists frequently state that sex is about the journey, not the destination. Meaning, foreplay is more important than orgasm, and relationship is more important than foreplay. Fair enough, but sometimes what someone needs is a good toe-curling orgasm to release tension and get the full benefit of the relaxation afterglow. If you agree, read on to learn the 7 ways to have a better orgasm. 

1. Know Thyself
Know your own body. Explore it and figure out what especially turns you on so you can tell your partner about it.


2. Warm Up
Start getting in the mood way before engaging in sex. Fantasize, send a nice little sext, or engage in looking your best. Take a warm bath or shower to get relaxed. Sip a glass of wine. Take a walk together by the water. Do anything that will help you get in the mood. 

3. Kiss 
Kissing feels good, and it also sends signals to the brain that cause it to produce sexy hormones. Kissing can also be more intimate than intercourse. Use your tongue to explore each other's lips, tongue, even the gums.

4. Take Your Time 
Build up to a high peak of arousal by exploring each other's bodies. Get to know new erogenous zones like the back of the knees, the pulse point on the ankle, or the crook of the neck. Try stroking your partner's hair or giving them a scalp massage.

5. Add Some Spice
Make it extra hot with toys, textures, and temperature. Try toys for her, for him, or for both of you together. Use a feather or a piece of suede across your partner's body. Try drawing on your partner with an ice cube or using warm lotion or lubricant.

6. Find The Best Position
Yes, you should find the best position for orgasm, be it with intercourse, or oral or manual sex. Experiment. Try more than one position during a lovemaking session. Switch up whose on top. See if you can switch without disconnecting!

7. Open Your Eyes
Try eyes open sex. Connect to your partner while you bring each other to orgasm. How hot can you stand it?

Try one, try three, or try all seven and see if they don't make a difference. Orgasms may not be the only reason to have sex, but they're still a good reason — and you can have fun trying! 

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