Do You Find Reaching Orgasm Frustrating?


Do You Find Reaching Orgasm Frustrating?

The majority of women do experience orgasm as a pleasurable ending to a rousing session of self-pleasure or partner sex.  For some women, however, orgasms are frustrating.  It either takes forever to have an orgasm or they simply never happen.

Women occasionally find that they can have an orgasm when they are alone, but never with a partner.  Or, they can only have orgasm in pecular way, say rubbing on the corner of a sofa arm or sitting atop a vibrating washing machine.


What are some reasons orgasms can be frustrating?

  • A woman may not really understand her anatomy.  Every woman's body is different.  Some women need very direct contact with the clitoris, others very little in order to reach orgasm.
  • She may not communicate to her partner what feels good, so very little happens that is a turn-on during sex.
  • A partner may put pressure on a woman to have orgasms in a certain way, like being loud or moving around a lot.
  • She may have learned to suppress her orgasms because she feared the expression of her own sexuality.
  • She may be too distracted, unable to turn off the events of the day.

Whatever the reason, women can learn more about their body and mind, their sexuality, and communication with their partner.  They can explore their ideas about sex, learn how to increase sexual arousal, and experience greater pleasure.  Moreover, they can enjoy the experience of learning–and sex therapy can play an important role in helping women experience orgasms more frequently, easily, and deeply.

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