6 Tips To Improve Your Body Image & Your Sex Life


6 Tips To Improve Your Body Image & Your Sex Life [EXPERT]
How you feel about your body has a big impact on your sex life. Improve both with these tips!

4. When glancing into a mirror, look at your body in its entirety. Try not to look at your body as individual parts. Look in the mirror and observe your whole body. When you do this, you might like what you see.

5. Do not check yourself out all the time and do not use a magnifying mirror when you look at your face. Be at peace with your self-image. Look in the mirror once in the morning, once after lunch to check for food on your face and once in the evening. Otherwise, give the mirror a rest.

6. Heal your body image by taking note of how you talk to yourself about your body and change it if necessary. Instead of, "I'm so fat and ugly, I hate myself," tell yourself, "I have beautiful eyes and I am a good friend. The package may not be perfect, but it does need to be loved."

It is a good idea to take stock of how you feel about your body, which is a big part of your sexuality. Make now the time in which you learn how to love the body you have and experience the pleasure you deserve. 28 Ways To Teach Your Kids To Love Their Bodies

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