Mom’s Depressed: The 5 Biggest Do’s and Don’ts On Mother’s Day


Mom’s Depressed: The 5 Biggest Do’s and Don’ts On Mother’s Day
Chances are you know at least one mom who's depressed - so, how do you handle Mother's Day?

Can you name the number one complication of pregnancy?  If you’re thinking gestational diabetes, you’re on the wrong track. Don’t feel bad - most people haven’t a clue.


 The answer? Untreated depression.  Believe it or not, depression is the most frequent complication of pregnancy. But even with the statistic of 15 to 20% (about 1 in 7) new mothers with postpartum depression, research tells us that most new moms are never screened by any health care provider for depression following delivery! 

Thousands of mothers will have a hard time enjoying Mother’s Day this year due to postpartum depression. Although a depressed mom may not be able to enjoy much at all these days, her mood might just pick up on Mother’s Day when you take the following steps.  Here are some tips to help a depressed mom in your life enjoy the day as much as possible:


….buy her chocolates that come in a box.  Most commercial chocolate candy will make her more depressed or anxious.  After the initial lift in endorphins, she can crash and become worse.  It may set her up for craving more and more sweets in an attempt to lift her mood. That creates an unpleasant cycle of junk food eating, crashing, gaining weight, possibly feeling worse about herself, and slowing down her recovery due to a variety of emotional and physical reasons.


….provide yummy yet nutritious food so her brain chemistry will be fed.  The chances increase that she’ll recover faster with proper nutrients in her body.  Some dark chocolate without the caramel and marshmellows (and so on) is fine.


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