3 Best Tips for Avoiding Over-Indulging During the Holidays


3 Best Tips for Avoiding Over-Indulging During the Holidays
These tips can help you stop overeating and overspending during December!

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Overeating, overspending and just plain overdoing it are three of our main indulgences, especially during the holidays.  There are a few simple  ground rules that  can make the difference between feeling satisfied as opposed to weighed down.



 Here are 3 of them:


1.     Never go super hungry to a party.  Overeating can mean too many portions (especially of the “bad” foods) or too large a portion.  This is, of course, quite subjective for each individual.  Only you know when you cross the line.  When you’re really hungry, blood sugar is much too low from lack of protein and you’ll find yourself making a bee-line for the pastry table.  Nibble some protein before you leave the house – it doesn’t have to be an entire steak, just a nibble.  Here are some suggestions:


A spoonful of egg salad (or half a hard-boiled egg)

Small scoop of tuna or chicken salad

Slice of turkey

Wedge of cheese

Handful of almonds

Half a protein shake


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