The Danger of Stress - Part 3


The Danger of Stress  - Part 3
Find out how stress causes weight gain and what you can do to stop this from happening.

Here's where it gets interesting. Scientists have discovered that fat cells actually have special receptors for the stress hormone cortisol, and there are more of these receptors in our abdominal fat cells than anywhere else in our bodies! In addition, scientists have shown that belly fat is actually an active tissue, acting as an endocrine organ that responds to the stress response by actually welcoming more fat to be deposited! This is an ongoing cycle until we take steps to correct this adrenal imbalance.

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Meanwhile, here are some ideas for stress relief:

  • Meditation: Meditation, Prayer, Yoga, Tai Chi, or simple deep breathing exercises can help you bring stress under control. Much of the damage that stress does to your health is not due to any external factors, but rather how your mind interprets those factors. Meditation and other techniques help to reduce the harm of stress by quieting the mind.
  • Sports and hobbies: Most hobbies are relaxing; your mind has to focus on a simple task rather than on sources of stress.
  • Exercise: Moderate aerobic exercise is good. This is exercise that uses large muscles repetitively and is mild enough that you can carry on a normal conversation during the activity. Anaerobic (exercising so hard that you can't carry on a normal conversation) exercise can be stressful and should be limited while the adrenal glands are recovering.
  • Diet: There are many types of stress. Chemical, physical, thermal, and mental stresses can all cause harm to the body. Stress is cumulative. A stressful job situation is compounded by a poor diet. Eat small, frequent meals; avoid chemical additives and sugar, refined carbohydrates and hydrogenated oil. Eat plenty of vegetables and make sure that you get enough protein. At mealtime, relax and focus on enjoying your food; don't eat on the run.

The next time you feel guilty about enjoying a lazy weekend, or taking a day off from work for the heck of it, think again. Your body will thank you for it.

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