For A Better Relationship, Catch Some Sleep


Best Relationship Advice Ever: Get Some Sleep
Skipping out on shut-eye can mean problems at home. Place a priority on sleep for better health.

It is true that people with demanding or physically exhausting jobs often have to come home and complete the "second shift:" taking care of children and completing domestic chores. There is often little time left over for our own comfort and relaxation: time to watch TV, read a book, talk to our mate or to friends on the phone. It can often feel there isn't even enough time for sex or exercise. So what's the easiest thing to cut back on? Too often the choice is sleep. We stay up later than we should, hoping to squeeze a little extra time into our day.

The Impact Of Too Little Sleep


The impact of poor sleep doesn't always show up in obvious ways, which is why this study is so important. Our loved ones may be the first ones to suffer, but we also have to work harder to control our temper in our work environment. Cyclically, we bring these frustrations back home, slowly eroding our relationships. We don't solve problems as well, we take offense more easily and have less energy to have fun when we are tired.

Make Sleep A Bigger Priority

When we place a bigger value on sleep, we are better able to set a reasonable schedule for ourselves. We turn off the TV earlier, save the laundry for another time and get home earlier from work. The benefit of these choices to our relationships can be enormous. When things are at peace with our partners, our entire lives are easier and better.

Poor sleep can often be a symptom of an underlying or unknown medical disorder. Doctors don't always ask about our nocturnal habits or treat it seriously if we admit we don't sleep well. If they do address the issue, they tend to prescribe sleep medications. Although some sleep medicines pose a risk of addiction, especially for those with a history of it, many sleep treatments are safe and effective.

Do you sleep too little? For the sake of those you love and for your own well being, do something about this important problem.

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