How To Make Your 50s The Best Decade Yet


How To Make Your 50s The Best Decade Yet
We are a youth obsessed culture, right? Then why are older people so much happier?

With greater self awareness, we get better at stepping away from people and situations that don’t work well for us. Even the most reserved among us get better at speaking up about what we want. If we are in long term relationships, we have worked out ways to get along and be happy. If we weren’t happy, we have moved on and are more certain what we want from people the next time around. The wide availability and increasing acceptance of internet dating for mature people, makes being single at 50 a much less lonely possibility.

With age does come wisdom. Unless we are incredibly obstinate there is no better teacher than time and experience. What we don’t figure out the first time, we finally get when it hits us in the head multiple times. Most of us get better at figuring out what’s more important in life, when to keep our peace or our tongue and when to fight for something really important. By 50, we learn better which situations or people to avoid and when to grab for it when it’s something that we really want. The insecurity and indecisiveness of our 20s and 30s is replaced by true confidence.

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Go For It

So take advantage of this great decade. Reach for that job you now know you can really do well. End the relationships that drag you down and value the people that truly enhance your life. Seek experiences that excite you and broaden your perspective. Stop going to events and occasions that never meant a lot to you. Get better at saying no and more excited about saying yes. Prioritize health goals—stop smoking, get fit, lose the extra weight and develop better eating habits before real age or disease has a chance to set in.

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Use the self-knowledge, experience and wisdom you’ve acquired, the setbacks and disappointments as well as the successes and joys you’ve lived to make the 50s a wonderful time of life.

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