How Dating Is Like The Old Joke...


How Dating Is Like The Old Joke...
Dating Lessons Inspired By An Old Joke

3. If You're Always Saying 'No' and Rejecting People, Think Again-This man refused help over and over.  How many times do you reject people when your dating and for what reasons?  Have you thought this through or is it just automatic and based on pre-conceived notions?  You may be rejecting just the partner you most need.

4. Are You Waiting to Be Saved By Some Perfect Being and Overlooking Ordinary Possibilities?  This man did not realize that divine beauty is within every human being and living thing.  In dating, people wait for  a prince on a white course or a fancy car or motorcycle to come save them.  They overlook the neighbor who takes the bus, has a crush on them and would be a fantastic husband, friend and father.


5. Are you Hiding from Life and Living in Another World?  This man chose to hide on the porch instead of venturing out into the world and making a change to save himself.  One gets the feeling that it was his attachment to his beliefs and predicted circumstances that killed him!  With dating, many singles hide out at home reading romance novels, praying, daydreaming and watching soap operas, hoping to meet the One.  They don't take the initiative to save their own dating life by meeting many prospects and seeing who fits.

I hope that you take this story to heart and start letting love into your life today, in ordinary ways.

My Best in Love,

Dr. Paulette Sherman is a psychologist, author and dating expert featured in numerous publications like Glamour, Readers Digest and the NY Times.  Learn more at: and


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