“Rock of Ages” ---3 Lessons for Better Sex


“Rock of Ages” ---3 Lessons for Better Sex
Whether it's busting myths about aging, women as sexy & smart , or about gay as ok, this film rocks!

3) You can’t judge a sexual orientation by its cover or age. Yes, when Alec Baldwin dons the long hair wig, sings up a storm, kisses his bromance buddy on screen (not telling you yet) and shows his strength as a man in business going for the gold, he rocks. I loved that this icon for male sexuality (think “30 Rock”, his real-life new beauty of a young gf, his role in “It’s Complicated” playing to lure Streep back into his bed…) was more than we thought. Despite the masculinity portrayed as an aging rock maven and the long butch hair, deep throated voice and seemingly guy’s guy, he turns out to be gay. In today’s world of gender roles being blurred and sexual identity moving across a complex spectrum from heterosexual, metrosexual, transvestite, transsexual, and beyond; and by using a wide array of empowering labels that expand from GLBTIQQ, we now live in a world of sexual fluidity. Let yourself transcend labels and find your own freedom. Baldwin’s character is a refreshing while campy display of breaking new ground and keeps us smiling all the way to the finish line.

Don’t miss this fun flick at your neighborhood theaters or rent it today for a good laugh and some sexy inspiration to rock your world for ages.

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I always say, "Our sexuality is our divine birthright....Celebrate your sexual self!!" Let me help you do just that! Love, Dr. Patti

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