UnAdopted Orphans: Citizens of Another Universe


Were they prosperous at love, marriage and parenting?

So very little is known about these individuals and even less is understood about what life was like for them that they might as well have been from another universe.


Would most people who had parents, either by birth or adoption, understand these individuals?

When asked, most cannot imagine life without a family. They have never thought about how it would feel to be alone on Thanksgiving or Christmas, or worse, to be alone on their birthday.

There needs to be more anecdotal research on young men and women who leave orphanages without benefit of a family or a parent to guide them on their pathway to adulthood. Did any succeed, or did most fail? Did they perpetuate the circle of life and create kids only to abandon them to grow up in orphanages themselves?

Maybe they continued in their quest for ‘belonging’ by working their way through college and possibly graduate school. It is possible that some of them could have waited for the right marriage partner to come along and found fulfillment in being a life-long loving spouse as well as a devoted mother or father determined to be all they could imagine, or what God wanted them to be.

It could be enlightening to many to know what it would be like to be a citizen of another universe.

Dr. Kersey has been practicing in the field of mental health since 1977 and has resided in Indiana since 1987. He can be reached through his website at www.LifeCareCounselingServices.com

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