10 Fun Summer Activities To Keep You Fit


10 Fun Summer Activities To Keep You Fit [EXPERT]
Exercising doesn't have to be a chore with these tips!

3. Go to the beach. For those of us living in Ottawa, going to the beach isn't something we do often. But why not pack a picnic, some towels, and volleyball and head to the water.

Swimming might not be an option, but burn calories by walking along the shoreline, or playing a pickup game of volleyball. Just because we don't live in California doesn't mean we can't act like it!


4. Join a summer sport's league. Joining a sport's league is a great way to meet new people and get fit! Go online and search for adult recreational sports teams in your area. In the summer months there are a variety of outdoor sports you can join. Volleyball, flag football, golf, kickball, soccer, softball, and ultimate Frisbee are just some of them offered in the Ottawa area.

5. Row, row, row your boat (gently down the canal). In the warmer months consider joining a rowing club to get fit and be social. Do it recreationally or competitively, but prepared for team work!

Ottawa is a prime place to join a rowing club. The Rideau canal runs through the city's core making it accessible to people coming from both the east and west end of Ottawa.

6. Go Bicycling. Most cities have rentable bikes located throughout the city. Grab a bike and ride off into the sunset.

7. Find your zen. Find a yoga centre that holds classes outside. We all know how beneficial yoga can be. Breathing in some fresh air while doing it is even better. Love Your Body: 35 Ways To Improve Your Health

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