Ten Commandments of Parenting After Divorce


Ten Commandments of Parenting After Divorce
Keep a child oriented focus to insure your kids weather the tensions of their lost family life

8. Don't Criticize your Ex: By harping on negative traits and openly criticizing your ex in front of your child your child may come to resent you. You are hurting their feelings about their father that they love. It shakes their sense of security and trust in the adult world. In the end they will resent you and think less of you for it.

9. Don't hold back visittion: Do not use your children to punish your ex. You may be limiting his contact but you are limiting their contact with him. In the end you are punishing them as well.


10. Don't use you child for information: That means not to use your child as a messenger between you and your ex. It also means not to cross examine your child about what happens in the life of his father. Children will pick up the tension and feel conflicted between you and your ex. It will leave them very uncomfortable and anxious.

It is hard to carry this burden all on your own. Many women have extended family members or close friends who they trust to give them advice. If those options are not available or helpful enough, it is advisable to get parenting advice from a parenting coach or child psychologist




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