Ac(sex)sible Sex


Ac(sex)sible Sex
Sex Tips For People with Disabilities and Chronic Conditions

If sphincter control has been lost or compromised, empty bladder & bowel before sexual activity. Worrying about continents can be a drag. Unless you’re into water sports or scat, take precautions; nothing in; nothing out. Refrain from heavy intakes of fluids and spicy foods several hours before game time. Use the facilities to freshen up just before.

• Avoid extremes of temperature. The only heat of the moment should be a sex flush, or the fireplace and warm cozy blankets if it is too cold. Depending on your condition, extreme hot or cold can aggravate symptoms. If the temperature is too hot and you can’t control it, try adding ice to the mix or moving the party to the shower or the top.


Experiment with sexual positions and activities that minimize pain and maximize mobility. Here’s your opportunity to be creative. There are hundreds of variations of sex positions to choose from. Get a nice picture book to keep on your coffee table or by your bed and adapt to your needs. Have plenty of pillows around for support. Fortunately there are more disability friendly sex products available these days, from the InternetRider, designed specifically for people with mobility impairments, to the Liberator foam wedges and Velcro Sport Sheets to help keep your body parts in place for maximum function and comfort.

Spend time engaged in other sexual, erotic, and intimate activities that do not involve intercourse. Intercourse is not the be all and end all of sexual activity. Erotic massage, mutual masturbation, oral sex, and watching erotica can all result in delightful pleasures.

• Stimulate your partner orally. Communication about practical issues is key but so is sexual talk. Tell your partner exactly what feels good and what is painful. Described to them what you’re doing if they don’t have sensation. Tell them what you would like to do or what you plan to do to them in the future.

This article was originally published at Dr. Mitchell Tepper . Reprinted with permission.
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