How To Instantly Enhance Your Sex Life


How To Instantly Enhance Your Sex Life
If your sex life is in a rut, these quick tips will allow you to instantly revive your sex.

Are you one of the countless couples whose sex lives has completely deteriorated or became extinct? Sometimes adding some new elements to your sex life is all it takes to reignite interest in each other. It doesn't take any extravagant props or a lot of money for posh vacations or any such thing—all it takes is altering the sensations that you experience during sex.

Most likely your sex life is in a rut due to something called habituation, which simply just means that you are both so used to each other that you fall into the same boring routines and you are so accustomed to each other and the routines that it has just gotten so damn boring. An easy way to introduce a new element to the same old, same old is to change your habits. As a bored couple, you are probably doing the same two or three positions: Missionary, maybe some doggie, and if the woman is still somewhat barely interested, then some girl on top. There is no adventure, no exploration, no spontaneity. Just a few thrusts and thankfully it's over and done with. Sound familiar?


Here's what you can do: Start with changing some of the underlying basics. Introduce new elements to foreplay. Instead of just some light petting, lick your partners ear or gently bite them on the lip (gently, so it doesn't bleed or hurt too much). Play around with touches. Instead of grabbing your partner's breasts as you always do, introduce some light feathery touching, tickling, or even light slapping. Change your partner's visual perceptions. Play around with a blindfold that could be made out of some everyday item like a scarf. You will find that introducing new sensations will surprisingly do wonders to invigorate your sex lives, get the creative juices flowing and allow both of you to see each other in new ways.

Here' a rundown of different sensations and ways to manipulate them:

1. Licking, 2. Biting, 3. Light touching with fingertips, 4. Tickling, 5. Light slapping, 6. Light hair pulling (this can be very exciting, but be careful how hard you do it), 7. Tapping, 8, Pinching

1. Blindfolds, 2. Covering eyes with hands, 3. Sexy lingerie, 4. Themed outfits, 5. Porn in the background, 6. Candles, 7. Dim lights, 8. Colored light bulbs

Other senses
1. Smell—aromatic incense, 2. Taste—cover a body part with syrup or chocolate, 3. Hearing—play soothing music, whisper into your partner's ear

As you can see a lot of our sexual experience comes from the totality of our various senses, it's not just one thing. To intensify, alter, and be creative with your sexual experience, all you need to do is play around with the various senses involved.

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