The Rule All Couples Should Practice In Bed


a couple in bed
You hear a lot about the Golden Rule ... now meet the Platinum Rule.

2. Each of you writes a list of your top three fantasies. Exchange lists and rank the fantasies from one to three, in the order that you think your partner would rank them. Were you right? Make a plan to do your partner's #1 — or scrap the plan and do it now! As you'll find out, sharing and discussing fantasies is a greatly erotic practice in of itself.

3. Practice a week of alternating "favorites" where you honor your favorites together one day and then play to your partner's favorites the next. Which one of you goes first? The one who answers the most questions correctly from the list below!


1. Favorite food
2. Favorite activity
3. Favorite sex move
4. Favorite song of the moment
5. Favorite smell
6. Favorite trip
7. Favorite couple memory

I assure you, with an open mind, curiosity and the dedication to giving your partner what he or she truly wants, the possibilities for pleasure in your relationship are limitless.

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