Pain-Free Sex for Dad


Pain-Free Sex for Dad
Sex can be painful for men, too. Here's how--and what to do about it

A woman’s teeth are among Man’s Best Friends—when used soberly and consciously. As with all sexual activities, the variation in what different men like in biting, oral sex, and nipple play is very broad. There’s no substitute for asking, and darn those guys who say “everything is great, I love everything.” No one except Godzilla (and my pathologically passive Uncle Dave) likes everything.

Finally, let’s remember that the most common source of painful sex for men has nothing to do with their penis. It’s unromantic, unfunny chronic pain: lower back, neck, knees, hands. Some ibuprofen an hour before sex can help, but long-term conditions like arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome are stronger than any drug that doesn’t render you unconscious.


Most people don’t like to discuss these things, fearing they’re a terrible turn-off for both parties. If your guy is struggling with chronic pain, be pushy—insist that you find positions that minimize his discomfort, and insist that he’s still sexy to you.

Then, as my editors are always telling me, don’t just say it—show it.

Happy Father’s Day to you both.

Dr. Marty Klein is a marriage counselor and sex therapist with 30 years experience. His latest book is SEXUAL INTELLIGENCE: What We Really Want From Sex, and How to Get It. Dr. Klein’s blog, newsletter and more at

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